The Daily Post Challenge – Leftovers…

Well now it seems- I haven’t wrote a poem in a while,

you see, it really did begin to cramp my style.

Although I once enjoyed it so thoroughly,

I used put my pen to quill most regularly.

But now the dust among my words are like a void,

as I read within their lines I get annoyed.

Annoyed that they’re now left – long forgotten,

like a fruit once fully ripened, now turned rotten.

Now as I turn my tongue in rhyme this saddens me,

that something I once so loved will never be…

Purple Voyage – Weekly Photo Challenge -Contrasts

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI haven’t  wrote on here for a while and would like to get back into it. So I thought that I would share one of my recent paintings for the weekly photo challenge. :)

Breaking the Bad… Weekly photo challenge – Habit

Breaking the Bad..

Sketched in graphite pencils…

A glimpse into my everyday life as an Artist.  Art, for me, is a very addictive habit that I have.

So take a look at me now… Weekly writing challenge…

Music is powerful: it conjures memories, emotions, and people and things of the past. It’s not only a trigger, but an outlet to express who we are. For this challenge, pick one song and write about it — or use it as inspiration for a post. The track may be personally meaningful, or remind you of something, someone, or some event you can look back on. Or maybe you’re drawn to a song’s lyrics and want to use them as a springboard for a short piece of fiction. Or a poem. Or a free-write.


Where do I start with this one?? Well first of all, I am sure you are all aware that this is a song by the great Phil Collins. This takes me right back to my teenage years when I started courting my husband, which now seems a life time ago. We would both spend hours upon hours in his room listening to this great artist and his wondrous words. Now every time I hear this song it peels back a life time of memories… But not just memories of sitting in my then boyfriends room, no it brings back precious memories that we have, as couple, both built over the years.

Our children, our marriage, our heart breaks, our laughter, our tears, and basically the ups and downs of life that we have both stepped through, hand in hand together as one. So maybe this song is saying take a look at us now? I mean we have been together since we were wee teenagers and still going strong… Who knows? But no matter how one feels about this this song, one thing I will always know is its my treasure of a life time of memories…

Poor Old Paul the Pumpkin…

The hall was all dressed, to put to the test
the spooky-ness of Halloween,
There would be yells of delight & also fright,
at the prop’s that could be seen.

There stood Winnie the witch, Harry Potters quid-itch
& poor old Paul the pumpkin,
Along with Vera the vampire, dressed in attire,
and even Rumplestiltskin.

All these scary Mofo’s, dressed for the show,
for tomorrows spooky spectacular,
The workers said goodbye, to shut down for the night,
speaking in their vernacular.

All then went quite, as the hall was retired,
on this eve of all-hallows-eve.
Then entered a spider, eating some chowder,
making Paul the pumpkin scream.

With a blithering might, he got such a fright,
rolling away from them all,
As he rolled for the door, he slipped on the floor
& skidded out of the hall.

Once out side, he looked about in surprise,
at the fog that was hanging thick,
It was all very dark, as he made for the park,
rolling along really quick.

As he went on his way, he wished for day,
as he came to a spooky graveyard,
And as he crept along, he whistled a song,
to try and keep himself calm.

Then all of a sudden, he lost his footing
& fell into a large hole,
It was eerie and black, he was under attack,
from a rather fiercely mole.

He managed to jump, with an almighty thump,
then landed on a grave,
As he opened his eyes, he looked on in surprise,
at a skeleton who did wave.

With his seeds in his mouth, he began to shout,
rolling away really fast,
He was out of the gates, at a speedy rate,
with the skeleton on his arse.

He went off down the lane, in furious pain,
from the bumps on his old pumpkin skin,
With a huff and a puff, he’d now had enough,
this skeleton would not win.

So he stopped with a start- but didn’t see the car,
that was heading at speed to him,
With an almighty shatter, it did suddenly splatter,
poor old Paul the pumpkin!

© EW.Brown

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